Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweeteas are Touching the South

Hello Mums & Sweeteas,
I have sure been busy these last few months meeting the most precious Sweeteas from the East Coast to Texas. I just returned from Charleston and simply fell in love with the city. It is surely one so rich in history that you would find it difficult to match. I took a walking tour one morning since I have yet to write the individual book about Sunshine, our Charleston Sweetheart, and thanks to my amazing tour guide Jane, I could write a whole series just on Charleston. I found it almost comical to learn that some of the homes had the double staircase entries, because the men weren't allowed to see the women's ankles as they lifted their gowns to enter the home.....my how times have changed!!!! The ankles are the least of our worries today! The weather was beautiful in the evenings, but steamy in the day, however, not quiet the steam that I find in my daily routine here in Mississippi. In the words of the Sweeteas, You certainly need a fan to bare the fainting heat!!

I would love to say thanks to Meghan Porter of Charleston Children's Boutique for inviting me to sign books. She has the most precious shop, and it is filled with such unique items many designed or produced in Charleston. I love to see businesses supporting other local businesses. If you are near Charleston, please stop in to Meghan's and grab a Sweetea Book to share! I also thank Holly Roberson of Go Charleston Deals for such amazing hospitality and sharing the city with me. As I have mentioned before, traveling has lead me to meet some of the neatest women and Holly and I met last fall in Raleigh at a Christmas event. We have become friends through sharing our ideas and inspiration, and most thought we had been life long friends. That is just the Sweetea in us Southern Girls, I suppose. Her sweet friend Nancy made us the most wonderful food, so I have to say between Nancy and Basil....the food was divine!!

Additionally I have seen Savannah, Round Rock, Tx and Austin and several cities in Alabama, and as always have so enjoyed meeting such wonderful women and their Sweeteas. We had such a great time at My Party Place in Round Rock with such darling sweeteas all decked in their hat creations. I should have taken a picture of the mother and daughter pair with their hats made from paper. I should add large brimmed hats!!! Very creative. I also visited with the Glorified Girls of Monroeville, Al, and these 5th and 6th grade girls truly touched my heart. Chris Z who asked me to speak to their group, has even teamed with me to brainstorm on launching our preteen Girls' Ministry Pure Hearts. It is so amazing the women that are so genuinely interested in helping, and that we sure need!!! I also had the opportunity to visit two great customers Wrapsody of Auburn and Wrapsody of Birmingham. Such a neat store in both locations run by fabulous Southern Women!!! I am proud to say they support a good many Mississippi Artist and have everything from decor to gifts and of course, Sweeteas. I plan to be back at the Wrapsody of Auburn for the MSU vs Auburn game this fall, so hopefully I will get to see a few Bulldogs on that trip too!!

So where are we now??? Well, as always we have so much going on that it is hard to focus!! I am wanting to release the first book of the individual books of the Sweeteas, but uncertain of the format we should present it, so we are discussing the options. I am planning on Honey first, because her story is so sweet about loving yourself for being who you are. Honey is our least "girlie" of the Sweeteas, but we love her just the same, and I think it is important for our girls to know that this is not about being prissy, but more about having a good heart! I have submitted He Gave Me Pearls for editing, and I should have it reviewed this month. I am a little nervous about this one, being a book for women. I certainly don't claim to be an eloquent writer, just an inspired one, for children that is. However, I enjoy speaking most of all, and my message really leans more towards He Gave Me Pearls, so it only makes sense that there is a book to compliment the events I am currently working on. There is so much to do with Sweeteas, and I get constant request for tea sets and dolls and bags etc...It is something I have been working on, but with out a doubt need some assistance on, so if you know me, you probably can guess that I am just holding and praying about this now. I do have peace that in its time it will all be as it should.

This past year, we have been working on a Sweetea Club, Mum & Me, in Hattiesburg, MS. The Spirit of Women have been such a great support for this club, and I wish we had them everywhere to replicate what we are doing here. Since we don't, we have decided to put together a Calendar/Planner with monthly themes and meeting ideas for those interested in starting their own club until we have the backing in place to run it as we vision. We are looking for photos of Sweeteas, so please email me if you would like your photo included in our Planner. These we hope will be available in August.

In a time of great need, I prayed for one idea to change my life, and I was given this adorable cast of characters. I have recently moved back to the town where it all began, so it seems only natural to give this back to Him to let him do as he will with it!!! I can't wait to see;)

The next few weeks I will be in Jackson, MS, Richland, MS, Hammond, LA, Athens, GA, Blue Mountain, Tn and Kentucky, so please come out to visit!!

Many Blessings,

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